LEO Warrior Pack

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We are offering these Warrior Packs to everyone, however ANY law enforcement can get one FREE with any order over $10 just by sending us a message on Instagram (@FirstWarrior) or Facebook (@F1rstWarrior)

If you feel so inclined to donate to the program, we would love that, however we do not take monetary donations, that's not why we do this, but please feel free to add a hat or shirt to your cart. Every dollar from our apparel sales go to fund our WarriorPack program, as well as this Little Warrior Patch Program for kids where we collect donated patches from officers and mail them to kids who aspire to be police.

Also, more than anything, if you could PLEASE share these on your social media and tag us, we would be so thankful! We need your help to spread the word to officers who have not heard about these yet. 

Package includes

-2 FirstWarrior Blue Line Decals

- First Warrior Blue line Wristband

- Blue Line Paracord

- Blue Line Paracord Keychain

- Personalized Card and artwork from the owners daughter. 

Message us if your Law Enforcement so we can send one free with your next order!

(Some areas may require a $3 USPS shipping fee)

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