Snuff Skins

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Get Dirty Snuff Skins 

  • Preserves the flavor and keeps your can moist
  • Prolongs the life of your chew
  • Fits all regular sized cans
  • Gives your can a new custom look & design
When applying our Snuff Skin to your smokeless tobacco can, Be sure to release all air trapped at the bottom of the Snuff skin to ensure proper seal.
And there's no need to take the Snuff Skin off and on every time users need access to tobacco! Our snuff skins are designed to roll the upper lid down until
the tobacco can lid is accessible.
Selecting a specific color or style is not available currently. You may add a note during checkout of your preference and we will make every attempt to honor it but there are no guarantees. Orders will be filled based on Designs and Colors in stock.

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