Little Warriors Patch Program

Here at F1RST WARRIOR we believe in bringing kids up with an appreciation and love for Law Enforcement. Some children know they want to be Police from an early age, and we want to grow and embrace that mindset. We know there are many kids out there who inspire to be Law Enforcement and collect patches. We want to enhance that passion even more. We have such an amazing opportunity to collect patches all over the world, and we wanted to start to distribute some of those patches out to these children as well. We have well over 200 patches in our own collection, and know what it means when we look at that collection, and can't imagine how it will inspire a child.

If you have a patch to send in to us we will gladly trade our F1RST WARRIOR patch and card from the owners daughter with you, but if you have one for our Little Warriors Program as well, we will not only send you a patch and card, but also one of our Limited Edition F1RST WARRIOR Challenge Coins. 

Please message us on Facebook or Instagram, or by email ( if you would like to join this program and our mission.

I Shall Fear No Evil

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